How to apply for a tourist visa?

If you are going on a big trip you should always inform yourself in advance about the visa and entry requirements of the country.

When entering Sri Lanka, almost all states, with the exception of e.g. Singapore or the Maldives, need an entry visa. There are various ways to apply for a tourist visa - at the embassy, online or even on arrival as a "visa on arrival".

Sri Lanka makes it relatively easy for visa applicants to apply for a tourist visa and it does not take too much paperwork and time to apply for it.


Below we have summarized everything for you so that you should receive your visa without any problems. For a stay of up to 30 days, the cost is approx $ 35.  Upon entry, the passport must still have a validity of at least 6 months.


The following information should serve as a guide. There is no legal claim to correctness. The responsibility for the application  of a tourist visa is up to you.

By Foot Adventures Sri Lanka will have no liability to pay compensation to you for any failure to properly fulfill contract, where the failure is attributable to you. Examples would be that any member of your party is unable to travel for reasons such as failing to take his/her passport with him/her, or travelling on a passport which does not meet the requirements of entry into Sri Lanka, or to get a required tourist entry visa.

Visa on Arrival:

With the visa on arrival you "buy" your tourist visa on arrival in Colombo at the airport. The cost is 35USD. Please note that you can only pay in USD or by credit card. The visa you receive there is a tourist visa and it is limited to 30 days. This is actually quite straightforward - but we recommend to apply for the visa in the home country in advance in order to rule out any problems or delays in entering the country. As a result, you no longer have to worry about whether everything will work on arrival. With a visa in your pocket it can be relaxed travel. The mention of the visa on arrival is only for the sake of completeness.

Apply for Visa online:

You can easily apply for the visa at the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo Sri Lanka.


This is the direct, shortest, fastest and safest way to apply for and receive a visa for Sri Lanka. All the other pages that will be called by a search engine are mostly intermediary travel agencies!

Below we will explain step by step the application for the holiday visa for a stay of up to 30 days.

Step 1:


Visit the above page.


Select "Apply" on the home screen.


Step 2:


You get to the Terms and Conditions.

Please read them through and confirm them with "I Agree".

Scroll down to the bottom of the page


Step 3:


On the next page you have to select the type of visa to apply for.

Even if you are traveling with another person or the whole family, you have to fill in the form individually.

Select "Apply for an Individual".


Step 4:


Now you get to the application form. Please have your passport ready and fill in all form fields. At address in Sri Lanka you can enter the address of our camp.

All red marked fields are mandatory. Once everything has been entered check your data will be displayed again for review and then continue with "NEXT".


Step 5:


Here again all your registered data will be displayed for review. If everything is correct please confirm.


Step 6:


Now follows the payment process. You will be asked to enter your credit card details. American Express, Master and Visa cards are accepted and payment is via the Secure Code.

The cost is 35USD (last update may 2018).

Step 7:


You're done. After payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation mail that your visa application has been received and is in progress  Acknowledgment of ETA application

Step 8:


Within a few minutes or even up to three days you will receive the ETA APPROVAL NOTICE.

This is your visa for Sri Lanka! Done! Please print  out this ETA approval notice. You will need to show it along with your passport and the return ticket on arrival at passport control


Apply for a tourist visa at the embassy:

There is also the possibility to apply for a visa by mail or at the embassy directly.

If you need a visa beyond the 30 days, you must apply directly to the embassy.





We try to keep all data up to date and inform you about changes in the application for a visa, however, it may be that new changes are not immediately available on our site. For the correctness of the data as described above, we can therefore give no guarantee. Please also inform yourself and make sure that you have your visa already before you go to Sri Lanka.



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