We are looking forward to welcome you in our camp. Regardless of whether you want to spend a day with us or your whole vacation. Here are some ways to make the most of your time with us. Contact us and we will plan your holiday according to your wishes.

To be able to enjoy holidays means to arrive and above all to come to rest. Staying at our camp and reconnect with nature is the best way to relax, unwind and be active at the same. 

With the package Your Holiday  you decide how your holiday should be like. No matter if you want to relax and take some time off  in the mountains to recharge your batteries or if you want to go on a discovery tour with us.

Everything is possible!


minimum 1 night

Price per Person:

200 USD

incl meals, accomodation, beverages,  qualified guide on your side 24/7, 

activities based on your interests



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Join us for a week and experience Sri Lanka and its central mountains from a whole new and incredible side. Our Explorer Week is designed to explore all sides of this beautiful habitat and to get in touch with nature.

The week consists of two components - fascinating facts and knowledge gained about all elements of nature and as well on long and extensive hikes you will find the necessary peace to get yourself back to nature. The course is aimed at nature lovers who want to actively experience and understand this habitat.

Duration: 1 week

Price per Person:

1200 USD

incl meals, accomodation, qualified guide,

personal birding list, 2 nights sleep out trail


Birding, Birdwatching, Birdingweek, Birdingtour, Ornithologie, Knuckles, Sri Lanka, Birds, Trekking, Walks, Hiking, Kandy, Wildlife, Explorer, Adventure, Nature, Photography

Our Birding Week is primarily about the observation of birds but also about the company with other nature enthusiasts.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or experienced birder already. During our daily excursions professionals and beginners can look forward to an unforgettable birding experience with lots of fun and new discoveries.

Duration: 1 week

Price per Person:

1400 USD

incl meals, accomodation, qualified guide,

personal birding list


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Duration: Minimum 2 weeks - up to 6 weeks


Contact us if you want to make a change. Limited availability, starting from 2019.

We have made it our mission to protect this still untouched part of Sri Lanka and try to create an awareness of this sensitive ecosystem.


It is our personal concern to further explore and protect the Knuckles Range. Use your free time and join us on the way to further advance the animal and species protection in Knuckles. We have set great goals and you can help to achieve them.

You are not a tourist but become part of our Team. Become a young ranger and accompany our guides on their daily walks. Learn about flora and fauna but also dealing with guests and how to give them access to nature. Help create a database of plants and animals, go on patrol and talk to other guides and lodges about how important it is to maintain, respect and keep this habitat alive. Help us set up and evaluate camera traps.


During your stay you will live in a tent. You get three meals a day.

Duration: 1 day


Are you on a tour or just spontaneously own your own travelling around?


We carry out daily walks on which we like to take you.

We offer half-day and full-day tours. The degree of difficulty and the duration you decide. Whether it is a short walk, a hike or a trip to the waterfalls we are looking forward to planning your unforgettable day in Knuckles with you and show you the most secret and beautiful places.


After the walk you have the opportunity to take a traditional singhal meal in our camp if you wish.  

Duration: 1 day


Birdwatching on request up to 1 week!

You know about the incredible biodiversity and the unique topography of Knuckles and want to look specifically for something?

Then a themed walk is just right for you.


We offer walks to the following main topics:


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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