The Knuckles Range is one of the most interesting and important places in Sri Lanka and as well in the world and so also called the Knuckles Conservation Forest. It is an UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. The range is home to up to 1033 plant species of which 15% are endemic, 128 Bird species of which 17 are endemic, 31 mammal species, 20 amphibians and 53 different reptile species which some characters as the leaf nosed lizard which is also endemic to this range.  

The Green Garden Lizard is found in Sri Lanka and as well in India. It is a quite large lizard found in this family and can reach up to 65cm including the tail. The tail is quite long and slender, the body compressed but with long limbs.

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The Leaf Nosed Lizard is endemic to Sri Lanka and only found in the cloud forest of the Knuckles Mountains.

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Allover the world there are round about 3000 species of cicadas. In Sri Lanka there have been recorded 22 different species so far. 

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An important day to celebrate as migratory birds connect ecosystems thousands of kilometers apart. Makeing the world one great place!

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Often still ridiculed, the new ´Hobby Birding` is spreading more and more. And that raises the first question: Is birding really just a Hobby? And what crazy People do birding? The answer is simple. Us and many many thousands of others!

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They are quite commonly found on low lying rocks and tree trunks in wet zone forests from 30m up to 1000 m asl. If disturbed , it would jump and simultaneously squirt urine . This could be considered as one of their defense mechanisms.

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