What is the best time to Travel to Sri Lanka?

All year round, unless you are targeting special cultural functions. Sinhalese Tamil New Year in April,       Vesak in May, Asala Perahera in August

 What is the best time to Travel to Knuckles? All year around, best conditions July - December 
When is rainy season? Late november to early January and mid March to late April
Does Cloud Forest mean it rains every day? Nope , but the majority of time it is covered in mist and is very moist
What are the temperatures like? 20 – 32 degrees celcius
Is there electricity in the camp? Yes
What Plug and what voltage is in the camp? 230-240v / 2 pin, 3 pin (both round and square.)
 Is there wifi in camp? No for now. Yes in 2019
Is it safe to travel alone in Sri Lanka? Yes
What is the food like in camp? Local cousine met to foreign standards in spices and meets special dietry requirements
What currency is accepted IN CAMP? Rupees (LKR)
What languages are spoken in camp? English, Sinhalese, German
 Can I come with my own car? Yes , preferably a 4x4
Can pick ups and drop offs be arranged? Yes , but extra charges may apply if not included in package
How many people can stay in camp? How big are the Groups? 8 pax in all , max group size is 6 pax
Are hot showers in the camp? Yes
Is the tap water drinkable? Yes
Is this a Malaria or Dengue Region? No
Where is the next ATM? 30mins by car
Can I stay longer or shorter in camp than offered in the packages ? Yes , but additional charges and preperation should be discussed.

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