A beautiful hike through tea fields, areas covered with bamboo, the cloud forest and along a river until it pours out on a platform into the valley. A hike that is versatile and also demanding but it will reward you with a wonderful view and amazing scenery.

One of the most versatile walks we currently have in the program. We start from the tea fields passing workers that  plug only the finest tea leaves of each and every single plant. At the same time, this is also the rise into the forest. It is amazing how steep the tea fields are and impressive with which lightness, at least it seems, the tea pickers master these climbs every day. Arrived at the top of the tea fields it is time for a first small rest. In the shade of the trees you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley and the tea fields before we continue our walk into the dense wood of the forest.

A variety of different vegetation types awaits us. Ferns, mosses, bamboo and stretches of pygmy forest follows before we enter the cloud forest. The hike is like a journey through time. Endemic plants that impress with their shape and size, quacking frogs and wonderful birdsongs create a world long since extinct and forgotten in prehistoric times. Not infrequently, we encounter unique reptiles on our hikes, such as the Leaf Nosed Lizard or the Rhino Horned Lizard. Both endemic to the Knuckles mountains and they complete the impression of forgotten worlds. We leave the well-known hiking trails and cross dense wood until we reach the river hidden in the deep forest. Nature shows itself from a unique and indescribable side, still untouched and virgin. The way is now much more demanding and it requires sure-footedness. The smooth stones can be slippery and the green areas can be a bit muddy after rain. But it pays off. The dense forest opens and we are on a plateau from which the river turns into a waterfall and pours into the valley. Nature at its best. 


4-5 hours

Fitness level:

Fit and sure footed!

Booking ID:

Trek - TOTM

Location: Knuckles Mountain Range, Sri Lanka
Starting Point: BFA pick up point , Thangappuwa (7 .00 AM)
Age: 13+
Group size: Maximum of 8 guests (bigger groups on request)
Available: every day - on request 

  • Snacks, Tea and coffee during the trail
  • Qualified guide at your side 
  • Entrance tickets for the reserve
  • Leech socks and insect repellent 
  • Pick up at BFA Meeting Point, Thangappuwa
  • Drop off at BFA Meeting Point, Thangappuwa
  • Transportation to BFA Meeting Point, Thangappuwa
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Pick up in Kandy (BFA Meeting Point) at extra cost
  • Drop off in Kandy (BFA Meeting Point) st extra cost 
  • After returning, Lunch can be provided with tea/coffee/drinks at BFA camp at cost. (local cousin)
  • Cap/ Hat
  • Hiking Boots 
  • Backpack
  • Jacket/ Rain Jacket 
  • Suncream / sun protection

  • Cameras / Binoculars

  • extra change if preferred

  • Birds
  • Wildlife
  • Endemic plants and animals
  • Waterfalls 
  • Geology

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