One of the most colourful reptiles in Sri Lanka - The Green Garden Lizard

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Calotes Calotes

The Green Garden Lizard belongs to the family of Agamas (Agamidae). The genus Calotes contains 27 species mainly found in South Asia and South China. Belonging to the family of Agamas the genus Calotes can be distinguished by uniform-sized dorsal scales, and lacking a fold of skin extending between the cheek and shoulder. p>


The Green Garden Lizard is found in Sri Lanka and as well in India. It is a quite large lizard found in this family and can reach up to 65cm including the tail. The tail is quite long and slender, the body compressed but with long limbs. The hind-limbs reaches to the head. The head is comparatively large to the rest of the body.


The lizard is bright green, usually with white stripes on the sides, which may also vary in color, for example, a darker green and can continue on the tail as well. The male develops a bright red colouration on the head and throat in breading season otherwise the head is just bright green or more yellowish green to brown in males and females. To a certain extent, the animals are able to change their color. This is especially true for the males in the mating season but also stress or excitement has an influence.


The Green Garden Lizard is one of the most colorful reptiles in Sri Lanka. The lizards prefer gardens and forests. We find them very often in the tea plantations where they camouflage themselves incredibly well and are difficult to spot.

Their diet is made up of insects and other small invertebrates.

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